Stop Trident Mass Lobby of MPs: An Open Letter

Rushanara Ali

349 Cambridge Heath Road

London, E2 9RA

United Kingdom


Monday 11th July 2016


Dear Rushanara Ali,

I am writing to you on behalf of Queen Mary Young Greens; The Green Party society based at Queen Mary, University of London, to voice our views on the renewal of Trident which is likely to be voted upon this coming autumn.

It is our opinion, that maintaining our current arsenal of nuclear weapons (at a cost of more than £200 billion to the British taxpayer) is part of an unjustifiable and out-of-date defence strategy. The current strain that our public services are being put under as a result of the Conservative’s ideological drive for austerity means that they are in much greater need of additional funding and therefore we absolutely believe that this money must be invested in our schools, hospitals, public transport links and regional development funds rather than in a military weapon that will never be used, and if it was to be used, could result in the deaths of 100,000s of innocent civilians.

The use of nuclear weapons (and threatening other nations with the use of them) under any circumstance would be illegitimate and a clear violation of international law which Britain must respect if we are to maintain our standing in the world as a tolerant and moral nation. Voting to renew Trident is not in the public interest and fails to protect us from more significant threats such as international terrorism and cyber-attacks which cannot be tackled by Trident.

We cannot allow ourselves to be hypocritical in our approach to preventing nuclear proliferation abroad whilst at the same time, investing billions of pounds in our own arsenal.

We urge you to join us in our opposition to Trident, and to encourage Parliament to lead the way in campaigning for a world free of hazardous WMDs.

Please could you outline your current views on Trident and whether you have any idea about which way you are likely to vote?

Yours sincerely,

Jordan Smith

Vice President Treasurer Queen Mary Young Greens

Queen Mary Young Greens at the Stop Trident Rally at Hyde Park, February 2016
Green Party MP Caroline Lucas speaks to the rally
Green Party MP Caroline Lucas speaks to the rally against Trident



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