Queen Mary Young Greens: From the Start

2015 bore the Young Greens society at Queen Mary, University of London. It has been running for over a year now and a lot has happened, gaining momentum and spreading the word around campus.  We have even been nominated for Best Society at QMSU!  To reflect on our achievements and events, we have created a timeline of photos and videos to exhibit how QMYG has become the society it is today.

The society began with Green Tea and sign up sheets. We even used cups from recycled materials.

We asked students, “Why Are You Voting Green?”


Some of the early members were lucky enough to meet Natalie Bennett in Camden, her home constituency where she ran to be MP.

In the run up to the General Election, several Young Greens took to the streets and canvassed Bethnal Green and Bow.


Take Back Our World conference by Global Justice Now was a particular highlight in Spring 2015.

5 Take Back Our World


None of our members had been to a Green Party Conference before, so a few students joined the Greens in Liverpool for the Party’s biggest ever conference.


More canvassing… lots and lots of canvassing…

We even made our own campaign video, rocking up 9,000 views on YouTube (and we got shared by the National Green Party!)

Back in the autumn semester, QMYG were ready and raring to go at the Welcome Fair!


Meat Free Mondays were introduced onto campus, brought in by a member with support of the society!


…another conference! This time in Bournemouth

Our (first) screening of Rashid Nix’s Why Don’t Black People Vote? (In the snazzy cinema)


QMYG had it’s first Annual General Meeting at the well loved Indian Veg in Angel- here is the society and its new committee!


Tackling Racism and Islamophobia in British Politics and the Media – featuring some amazing speakers: Shahrar Ali, Rabina Khan, Areeb Ullah, Shakira Martin, and Rashid Nix

Young Greens with other progressive societies at QM marched in the Demonstration for Free Education! We made our own banners too!

Snagging Natalie Bennett for our event “Why We Need the EU” was a definite highlight!

We even got on the cover of The Print!


Of course, supporting the Climate March was a given


And then we raised a ton of money for charity hosting a 90s themed night at Drapers on World Aids Day supporting Positive East – No Scrubs! (plus tasty bake sale)

We even helped out a Newham by-election with some telling


To close off 2015, we had to make a trip to the climate conference in Paris!


Bringing in 2016, our (second) screening of Rashid Nix’s Why Don’t Black People Vote? (with QM Pan-African Society)


When the Government said they were going to cut all maintenance grants, we took to the streets


Our biggest fundraising success this year was our Mental Health Fundraising week for Student Minds! It included…


Feed Your Mind! bake sale:


00’s themed Drapers Party – Crazy In Love!


Art Therapy


…aaaaaand another conference! Where we found ourselves in Harrogate


QMYG protested with thousands across the country in opposition to nuclear weapons. In fact, we protested in London and Harrogate!

On came Green Week, where we screened Cowspriracy with the Vegetarian and Vegan Society, and Erin Brockovich with QM Equality! (feat. great food)


With QM Student Minds, we hosted an amazing event with QM staff and activists about how austerity impacts mental wellbeing – “The Mental Health Deficit: Student Minds failed by Capitalism”

Another Drapers Party down the road, we were raising money for the UK Network of Sex Work Projects… and we felt FLAWLESS! (and we had some punderful condoms to give out too)

In the QMSU student elections, a group of our members ran for different positions in a slate called Team Green. And incredibly they ALL won! Furthermore, all of QMYG’s endorsements were successful too.


We hosted a great screening of Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story (with MORE food… this is a recurring feature)


One of the final events of the year was “Muslims in the Environmental Movement” featuring Sofiya Ahmed from The Green Party and Shehroze Khan from MADE in Europe.

And finally, there was nothing on St. Patrick’s day, so with the QMUL Film Society, we arranged an impromptu 90s themed quiz at Drapers (again raising money for charity, this time it was Corrymeela) – we called it: C’est La Vie!


And so what’s next for Queen Mary Young Greens? … Another charity Drapers party of course – Summer of Love!


Tickets here: http://www.qmsu.org/events/13710/7826/

If you want to get more involved with the Young Greens, come to our AGM at 6pm on Thursday 30th March. For more info, like our Facebook page


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